Acne Surgery

Acne surgery is the surgical removal of different forms of acne. It includes comedo extraction, as well as cutting and extracting the contents of more severe acne lesions. Some acne surgeries may leave scars, but treatments such as chemical peels and laser acne scar removal can be used to reduce the appearance of these scars.

Some acne lesions are deeply embedded into the skin and may result in swelling and redness. They may also be unresponsive to other acne control methods like cortisol injections. In such cases, a dermatologist may recommend draining the pimple. In this type of acne surgery, pimples are cut open and drained of their contents. While the surgery is straightforward, only a professional dermatologist should perform it in order to minimize risk to the patient.

Another form of acne surgery is comedo extraction. Comedones are more commonly known as black heads and white heads. A closed comedo — a white head — is more embedded into the skin than an open comedo, or a black head. In comedo extraction, a doctor, nurse, or other professional can use a comedone extractor to remove the contents. Since white heads are more embedded into the skin, they are often cut with a small blade before the comedo extractor is used.